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My Lovey & Me

A lovey, a teddy bear, a cuddle buddy, a blanket… Every child has that one special friend who goes with them everywhere and without whom bedtime would be impossible. Capturing that special relationship forever is one of photographer Andrew Weeks’ very favorite things.


The series was inspired over a decade ago, when Andrew, an exhausted first-time dad, saw his one-year old son, Sullivan, lying on the sofa with his stuffed monkey, Norman. The sight was too adorable for Andrew to pass up, and he grabbed his camera to snap a quick photo. While looking at the image, Andrew wished he had an image of himself as a baby cuddled up with his first best friend, his lovey and teddy bear, Paddington. And that’s how the My Lovey & Me portrait series was born.


Launched in San Francisco, the series has grown to include events in Chicago and Southern California – and is about to get even bigger! 2021/2022 will see My Lovey & Me come to Dallas, New York, Connecticut, and beyond. Don't miss out (and don't be fooled by imitators). Be sure to sign up for updates + follow Andrew Weeks Photography on Instagram to stay in the know and be ready when the next portrait event is happening near you!


Want to host a My Lovey & Me portrait event? Just reach out - Andrew would love to hear from you!

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