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The One, The Only, The Original, My Lovey & Me portrait series

For over a decade Andrew Weeks has been photographing one of the most adorable and heartfelt portrait series ever dreamt up. My Lovey & Mefocuses on the unique and special bond that exists between a child and their lovey. That connection is so real, so true, that Andrew can’t help but love capturing it with his camera. Launched in San Francisco, the series has grown to include events in Chicago and Southern California – and is about to get even bigger! 2021/2022 will see My Lovey & Me come to Dallas, New York, Connecticut, and beyond. Don't miss out (and don't be fooled by imitators). Be sure to sign up for updates + follow Andrew Weeks Photography on Instagram to stay in the know and be ready when the next portrait event is happening near you!

Want to host a My Lovey & Me portrait event? Just reach out - Andrew would love to hear from you!


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