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It's MY LOVEY & ME time CHICAGO!!!!

Every February, in honor of Valentine's Day, the My Lovey & Me portrait series comes home to Chicago!!!! This year is no exception. On February 12th and 13th, Andrew Weeks Photography will be hosting My Lovey & Me at the AWP studio (4657 N. Ravenswood Ave).

No other series captures the bond between a child and their lovey like this one. Don't

miss the chance to preserve this moment in your child's life for forever!

These two portrait events are being held in support of Digs With Dignity. Andrew has had the good fortune to volunteer with and to photograph for this amazing Chicagoland organization. Digs with Dignity focuses on helping people who are transitioning out of homelessness by furnishing a home for them, decked out with all the necessities a home needs to make it feel like, well, a home. Funds raised from the Chicago My Lovey & Me portrait events will go towards the children Digs With Dignity serves, helping to create comfortable spaces for children to learn, sleep, and grow up in...Cozy beds for them to sleep in at night, loveys for them to snuggle, toys for them to play with, books for them to read, etc... Bring on the love Chicago!!!


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