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Hello Dallas!!!

For over a decade Andrew Weeks has been photographing one of the most adorable and heartfelt portrait series ever dreamt up. My Lovey & Me focuses on the unique and special bond that exists between a child and their lovey. That connection is so real, so true, that Andrew can’t help but love capturing it with his camera. Launched in San Francisco, the series has grown to include events in Chicago, New York, Southern California – and now

Dallas!!! Thats Right!!! Hello Dallas!

Layette, the cutest and best children's boutique in Dallas, is hosting a My Lovey & Me portrait event on September 24th and September 25!! For more details and for tickets

Want some even more amazing news! 50% of the proceeds of this event will go to

North Texas Food Bank. North Texas Food Bank focuses on closing the hunger gap

in North Texas by providing nutritious food to those in need.

Don't miss out on having your child and their lovey's love captured in a portrait that you can treasure for ever!! Thank you again Layette, Andrew cannot wait to be there!!


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